Why use a foam roller?


Foam rollers are used by some athletes to decrease muscle tension, loosen muscle “knots” and increase range of movement. Foam roller workouts are often used during the warm-up and/or cool-down phases of an exercise. Foam roller workouts are typically carried out prior to stretching. This type of workout is likewise referred to as self myofascial release workouts.

A foam roller exercise usually involves placing a body part (i.e. quadricep muscle) on the foam roller and slowing rolling the body part throughout the foam roller. Foam roller workouts are often used as a self-administered muscle “massage”.

All stretches and exercises ought to be monitored by an experienced martial arts instructor in order to avoid injuries and to make sure the appropriate technique is utilized. If you have had an injury or are in discomfort, please see a medical professional before beginning any extending or workout program.